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Meet the Team

Alex Howard

B.A., AccFM., CDC
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Accredited Family Mediator, Divorce Coach and Conflict Resolution Specialist

Alex was initially attracted to the field of mediation because of the idea of supporting clients to come to their own agreement. Acting as neither judge nor jury, Alex is someone who uses the tools of communication, active listening, and probing questions to allow parties to explore their grievances and decide upon an agreement together.

With an undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia, and years of running a successful events business, Alex switched gears to a more meaningful path of helping others through the difficulty of separation and divorce. After completing schooling from both Humber College and York University, Alex opened her practice with the goal of using a facilitative and transformative approach to supporting clients through the often cathartic and always empowering process of Alternative Dispute Resolution..

With over two decades working with people in stressful situations, with elevated emotions and heightened angst, Alex is no stranger to the difficulties that those in conflict face.

As Co-Host of the Divorce Podcast, Dirty Laundry, Alex is a leading expert in the field of separation and divorce and is on a mission to de-stigmatize and educate those on that path.


Initial consultations are always confidential and complimentary.

Amanda Silver

B.A., B.Ed., AccFM, OCT
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Accredited Family Mediator and Divorce Coach

Amanda has a background in education with a Bachelor of Education Degree from The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT/Ontario Tech) and a Bachelor of Arts degree from York University.

After going through the divorce process herself, she decided to become a Family Mediator with the hope that she may help others facing a similar situation. Separation can be a most difficult and confusing time for an individual and their families, and she hopes to alleviate some of that stress through her role as Family Mediator.

Amanda is an Accredited Family Mediator with the Ontario Association of Family Mediators (OAFM). She completed her certification in Family Mediation through York University. In addition, she is certified in Online Dispute Resolution and has experience mediating all aspects of a Separation Agreement.

In addition to being an associate with Midtown Mediation, Amanda owns and operates Forest Hill Mediation, and sits on the Court Appointed Roster in the Halton/Hamilton Region.

Amanda is also a Co-Host of Dirty Laundry, the Divorce Podcast.

Initial consultations are always confidential and complimentary.

Mike MacConnell

B.A., B.Ed., AccFM, QMed, AccIM, OCT
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Accredited Family Mediator, Elder Mediator, Child Protection Mediator

Mike MacConnell, Director of Reflective Mediation, previously owned and operated a private high school with 250 students and a staff of 25 (SOLA, School of Liberal Arts, 1989-2010). He understands workplace issues from both sides of the table. As a lead trainer for the Conflict Resolution and Training branch of St. Stephen’s Community House in Toronto, he has offered dozens of workshops and mediations in workplace settings.

As an AccFM (Accredited Family Mediator), Mike specializes in helping couples divorce peacefully and to create their own unique separation agreement or marriage contract. As author of The Yoga of Divorce, A Mindful Route to Resolving Disputes (2016), and former Professor of Family Mediation at Humber College in Toronto, Mike has become a leading figure in the field of non-adversarial divorce.

Mike is a certified CPMed (Child Protection Mediator) through the OAFM (Ontario Association for Family Mediation), as well as an accredited mindfulness practitioner, certified to work with adults, youth and the elderly through Mindfulness Without Borders and The Sarana Institute.

He is also an AccIM (Accredited Elder Mediator) through the OAFM (Ontario Association for Family Mediation) and an EC (Eldercaring Coordinator) through ACR (Elder Justice Initiative on Eldercaring Coordination), professions designed to ensure that different opinions about the care of elderly are resolved legally and in the best interest of the elderly person.

Initial consultations are always confidential and complimentary.

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