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A Brave Space

In mediation we talk a lot about a safe space - in training, it is always, "make sure your clients are comfortable, that they know it is a voluntary process, that everything is confidential". This is crucial, yes, I take confidentiality very seriously, however I also like to remind my clients that our safe space is also a BRAVE space.

It is not easy, mediation, we are dividing up assets, time with kids, trading holidays and negotiating the introduction of new partners.

As a mediator, I ask a lot of my clients, I know that, and I do so knowing that the end result is worth it. Being brave in negotiation is one of the major things that I ask of them. I believe with every fibre of by being that the more folks can stand up for what they want, be brave enough to ask themselves why they really and truly want it, and then ask their partner for it, the better off the entire family will be for it.

So don't be afraid of my probing questions, don't be afraid to offer up something to your partner in good faith without it looking like a sign of weakness, and don't be afraid to really go for what is important to you.


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