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Build a stronger relationship while you separate

It seems completely counter intuitive that in the midst of separation or divorce you can actually building a stronger relationship with your soon-to-be-ex, but it's true!

If you have children, you are tied to this other individual for the rest of your life, so doesn’t it make sense that you would want to decide together what that life looks like?

The difference between mediation and an adversarial process like court, is that in mediation you are actually working with your partner to collaborate on a future plan. Just because the relationship is ending doesn’t mean you’ll be free of each other! Imagine having stronger communication, unified goals for your kids, and supporting each other as strong, competent parents, instead of the alternative – trying to prove that the other parent isn’t fit because you want to “have your day in court”.

Though admittedly difficult when emotions are running high, try to look ahead – imagine yourself at your child’s graduation, or wedding, wouldn’t it be lovely to be in the same room as your ex and be happy, together, for your child on their milestone? To be proud of each other for their part in raising your incredible child? To share in their accomplishments and joy?

That is the gift of mediation, one relationship ends, but another one begins.

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