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Divorce Coaching

This service provides one on one coaching for clients who are preparing for either mediation or court. It is completely confidential and allows clients to gain insight into the process while providing some expert knowledge on what they are facing and how to better arm themselves with the tools they need to undertake the next steps in separation or divorce.


Whether separating or divorcing, our expert Mediators are here to help facilitate the dialogue needed to get through this difficult time. With the skills and expertise, we will walk you through creating a parenting plan (if applicable) and a financial plan that fits your circumstances. You collaborate to decide what will work best so that the agreement you come up with is one you can live with. This is a voluntary process so both parties must be willing.

Pre-Marital Mediation

When we are in love, it is easy to forget that marriage is in fact a contract. Before entering into one, shouldn't you have a conversation about what exactly you each think that entails? Our Mediators are impartial third parties that help you make the best choices prior to saying I Do! Ask those tough questions, have those difficult conversations before you sign on the dotted line. 

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